We all have grown up hearing that life is a race, a survival of the fittest, as many put it. But we must ask a race with whom? No, it’s not with the people around you, be it your friends, family or colleagues.

You are racing against yourself – different versions of yourself.

Which version will make it to the finish line and make the most of it?

All of us are working towards something we would like to achieve, that is our finish line. Now, we could get it done in a bad way or a good way or the best way, if you ask me, the last one sounds the most attractive.

While racing against yourself, we need to become the best version of ourselves, and this is where personal development comes into play.

What is Personal Development?

Personal development is a way of growing and expanding your horizons. It makes your more aware, knowledgeable and most of all competent to face challenges and obstacles you may face while running for the finish line.

It’s no rocket science, think of it this way, instead of working on some project to improve its condition; you just have to work on yourself.

There are three areas on which you’ll have to work on.

1. Spiritual

I know, I know – very vague and very broad. As soon as the word spiritual is used, the topic can be steered either way.

But as far as personal development is concerned, spiritual means being in control and at peace with what you have. You need a balance, and to achieve it you may need to self-reflect and realize where you are now and where you need to go.

In today’s world anxiety, stress and nerves are the biggest walls one has to climb to become victorious. We must learn how to control these instead of letting them control us.

Talk to people you are comfortable with, discuss your feelings and while you’re at it, hear them out as well. Some people prefer yoga, try that out. And to inspire and give yourself that extra push, hear and read about others’ success stories and acknowledge the fact nothing of value is gained without a struggle.

2. Physical

Fun fact: The condition of your body affects your mental tasks.

People who tend to take good care of their body always seem active and energetic from the outside, but believe me when I say they are just as pumped from the inside.

Keeping your body healthy with good nutrition and an exercise routine can do wonders for your brain. You’ll be able to retain more information, process it at a faster rate and be able to concentrate on tasks for longer periods, all because your body is in peak condition.

Not only that but, having confidence in your outward appearance will give you a boost while carrying yourself in unfamiliar areas and places where all eyes are on you. Self-confidence can never be a bad thing to have.

Treating your body with love and care can improve your lifestyle in many ways, which is why it is a part of personal development as well.

3. Mental

The last part of personal development is the mind, the boss. Think of your mind as a set of cogwheels that are always in motion and as long as they keep moving, you’re good to go. Now you certainly don’t want these cogwheels to rust away, so you must oil them. How? Give it food for thought.

Read a book, discuss ideas, and make observations. Heck, challenge your mind with one of those mind games. Keep your brain charged up and ready for action.

Just like your body needs food to be active, your mind needs something to process. Constant learning of new facts and interesting trivia has never been in vain. As a matter of fact, grasping knowledge of new things has always given people a new perspective and more options on how deal with challenges.