If you want to get ahead, the answer is to go the extra mile. Going the extra mile means surpassing expectations – not just by ticking all the boxes, but by completing additional goals that can help you to achieve even more.

Renowned international author Dr Wayne W Dyer once said that “It’s never crowded along the extra mile”.

Dyer’s point is that not many people put in the extra effort needed to surpass expectations. That means if you go the extra mile, you’ll not just achieve more, you’ll also stand out.

The beauty of this concept, going the extra mile, is that it’s so simple. It’s also easier to achieve than many people realise.

Going the extra mile doesn’t necessarily mean working more hours or investing more money. These actions will help, but surpassing expectations can be as simple as thinking outside of the box. When you’re presented with a task, ask yourself – what can I do to go further?

You should also ask yourself – what do people want or need? What are others doing to fulfil those needs? What can I do to stand out, and provide that something extra?

In the classroom, going the extra mile can be as simple as reading books outside of the mandatory study requirements. In business, going the extra mile could be as straight forward as providing quicker customer service responses.

In your personal life, going the extra mile could be offering someone a compliment or a kind comment.

It’s that simple. And yet, it’s something that very few people take the time to do.

So if you want to go further, whether in life, learning or in business, just remember to go the extra mile. It can make all the difference.