The Power of Proofreading

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February 25, 2021
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The Power of Proofreading

Spelling Errors


The way we write has changed in recent years. More of us use social media, which is making writing a more immediate, time sensitive process. But it’s still important that we take the time to maintain good grammar and spelling.

Accurate writing isn’t just important for clear communication. In business, it’s also a sign of professionalism.

In 2018, Jobvite’s ‘Recruiter Nation’ survey found that 43% of recruiters check for spelling and grammar mistakes when they browse social media accounts belonging to applicants.

If recruiters are paying attention, customers are doing the same. When marketing via social media, good grammar and accuracy can be the difference between your brand appearing professional, or your company coming across as sloppy.

Perceptions on social media matter, and regular spelling mistakes simply send the wrong message.

But, the good news is that it’s easy to address grammar and spelling errors. Proofreading is all you need to do.

There’s often a misconception that proofreading can take a lot of time. This is why many social media users type and send messages without a second thought. However, proofreading, done correctly, can be quick and easy, fixing mistakes before they’re published.

Make sure you give your post a quick second read before you press ‘send’. Often that’ll be enough to spot any big mistakes. If you don’t feel confident proofreading your own posts, ask someone else to check them for you.

There are also plenty of tools online and on your computer that contain spelling and proofreading options. Most word processors have in built checkers, so consider writing your text into a program like Microsoft Word and doing a spellcheck before you post it online.

Accuracy in your spelling and grammar isn’t just about being right, it’s about being professional. You can use this quick tip in your personal or professional life. Proofread regularly, and post confidently on social media in order to show your best self online.

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